Western Park – Šiklův mlýn

In a valley of the small river Bobrůvka in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, you will find a little Western-style town recalling the America of the late 1800s. The place boasts an almost 100 year old tradition of camping. Today, there is a large entertainment park with cowboys and Indians, a saloon and a genuine railway station with a Union Pacific train. The grounds also comprise a small church with a cemetery, a Sheriff's Office, a jail, a town bath and gambling rooms, all modelled on authentic examples. Covering an area of more than 50 hectares, the little town provides an opportunity to explore the life as it was in the Wild West at the time when the area was being settled: you can see cowboys, gold-diggers, gunmen, women dancers and saddlers. At the same time, you can become acquainted with the lifestyles and customs of the original inhabitants of America - the Indians. The many local attractions also include a rodeo, displays of Western-style horse riding, whip and lasso displays and productions depicting assaults on the town and other stories. The grounds also have a small zoological garden housing animals such as raccoons, buffalos and porcupines.