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  • Protected Landscape Area - Moravian Karst (Moravský kras)

Protected Landscape Area - Moravian Karst (Moravský kras)

Moravian Karst is one of the most important karst area of Central Europe. In the area of Moravian Karst, there are more than 1100 caverns and gorges. But only 4 caves of the all number are open to public. There are Punkvevní jeskyně (Punkva Caves) with their underground river – during the cruise you can see there the bottom of the famous Macocha Abyss. Another cave is Kateřinská jeskyně (Catherine’s Cave) with its unique limestone columns. The Balcarka Cave is full of colorful stalactitic decoration. Sloupsko-šošůvské jeskyně (Sloup-Šošůvka Caves) are made by huge corridors and underground gorges.
Remarkable valleys called Pustý žleb (Desert Valley) and Suchý žleb (Dry Valley) are very typical for Moravian Karst; there is also stream called Bílá voda (White Water) coming into the caves and Amatérská jeskyně (Amateur Cave, 34 km long) which is not open to public. Very remarkable for all visitors is view to Macocha Abyss from two platforms – the Upper and Lower foot bridge. In the central part of Moravian Karst, Rudické propadání (Rudice Sink) is the main place to visit, where river called Jedovnický potok suddenly disappears into the caves and comes out in Býčí skála (Bull Rock Cave) close to village Josefov after its 12 km long mysterious journey.